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Ноябрь 1998


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    Дата: 05 ноября 1998 (1998-11-05) От: Alexander Bondugin Тема: Mars Surveyor 98 Update - November 3, 1998 Привет всем! Вот, свалилось из Internet... 1998 MARS SURVEYOR PROJECT STATUS REPORT November 3, 1998 John McNamee Mars Surveyor 98 Project Manager Mars Climate Orbiter: Launch -37 days Flight software build 8.2.1 was loaded on the orbiter and the star camera portion of the Attitude Control System (ACS) phasing test was completed successfully. The reaction wheel phasing is scheduled for completion tommorrow. Mars Polar Lander: Launch -61 days The Deep Space Network (DSN) End-to-End compatibility test was completed with no spacecraft issues and no significant ground configuration issues. For more information on the Mars Surveyor 98 mission, please visit our website at: http://mars.jpl.nasa.gov/msp98 Hа сегодня все, пока! =SANA=
    Дата: 05 ноября 1998 (1998-11-05) От: Alexander Bondugin Тема: Deep Space 1 Update - November 4, 1998 Привет всем! Вот, свалилось из Internet... MEDIA RELATIONS OFFICE JET PROPULSION LABORATORY CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY NATIONAL AERONAUTICS AND SPACE ADMINISTRATION PASADENA, CALIF. 91109. TELEPHONE (818) 354-5011 http://www.jpl.nasa.gov Deep Space 1 Mission Status November 4, 1998 Deep Space 1 continues to perform extremely well, according to spacecraft engineers at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. On Friday, October 30, the spacecraft successfully executed a large turn to point the ion engine toward the Sun. Sunlight heated portions of the xenon feed system and the ion thruster core (which reached about 110 degrees C or 230 degrees F) and baked off some contaminants that might interfere with the engine's operation. While the spacecraft remained in that orientation, a small amount of xenon from the ion propulsion system was allowed to flow through the system to assure that there were no blockages. The spacecraft returned to its previous orientation on Saturday. The operations team then conducted the first of two activities involving the pair of Solar Concentrator Array with Refractive Linear Element Technology (SCARLET) solar arrays, provided to NASA by the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization, Washington D.C., and built by AEC-Able Engineering Company, Inc., Goleta, CA. This involved measuring the arrays' electrical characteristics, particularly eight modules comprised of five solar cells each that are specially instrumented for measuring current and voltage. Originally scheduled for November 1, this activity was completed ahead of schedule on October 31. The second, more complex characterization of the solar arrays was executed successfully in a 10-hour activity on November 1. The intricate choreography included rotations of the pair of solar arrays and turns of the spacecraft to vary the angle of the sunlight incident upon the arrays, all designed to determine the best angle to maximize collection of sunlight. The analysis of the large volume of data collected will be conducted over the next several days. On November 2, at approximately 8 p.m. PST, the team noted that the orientation of the spacecraft changed briefly for reasons that are under investigation. The spacecraft remained safe throughout this small anomaly, which the spacecraft self- corrected quickly using its attitude control and fault protection systems. Most activities this week are geared toward preparing the ion system for the first test of thrusting, currently planned for November 9 at the earliest. These include turning on a heater inside the thruster's cathode and pressurizing the xenon system, both scheduled for Thursday, November 5. After testiing planned for November 9 and 11, the engine is scheduled to be used for thrusting beginning no earlier than November 23. DS1 is now more than five times farther away from Earth than the moon. ##### Hа сегодня все, пока! =SANA=
    Дата: 05 ноября 1998 (1998-11-05) От: Alexander Bondugin Тема: APOLLO: An Eyewitness Account Привет всем! Вот, свалилось из Internet... CALTECH MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION presents "APOLLO: An Eyewitness Account" with Alan Bean Astronaut / Explorer Artist / Moonwalker Date: Thursday, November 12 Time: 4:30 p.m. Book-signing in the museum 5:00 p.m. Presentation with slides 5:45 p.m. More book signing and discussion Place: von Karman Auditorium and museum Jet Propulsion Lab 4800 Oak Grove Drive Pasadena, California THIS EVENT IS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC NASA has often been asked, "Why not send an artist to the moon?" Well, it turns out NASA has. Accomplished painter and astronaut Alan Bean has worked since his return to Earth 29 years ago to portray the intensity and beauty of the world he visited. His new book, "Apollo: An Eyewitness Account," contains over 90 of his fine-art paintings depicting the lunar experience in a completely novel and inspirational way. At our CMA event, Alan Bean will show slides of these paintings while offering an insider's view of the Apollo missions. Bean's career in space continued to soar after the lunar landing. He served NASA as Mission Commander of Skylab II, the United States first space station, and spent 59 days in orbit. He also was backup commander of the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project in 1975, and then was assigned as Chief of Operations and Training and Acting Chief Astronaut until the flight of the first space shuttle. Since leaving NASA in 1981, Bean has focused on another mission. As Actor Tom Hanks says, "In the realm of the arts, it has fallen upon Al Bean to be the one moonwalker to turn the data brought back from the moon into something other than numbered photographs." Bean takes pride in his ability to depict what no other painter has seen, and feels the responsibility inherent in that distinction. Come join us in von Karman Auditorium to hear Alan Bean share his unique point of view of the space frontier. He will be in the museum before and after the talk to sign copies of his book, "Apollo: An Eyewitness Account by Astronaut/Explorer Artist/Moonwalker Alan Bean." The book also has text by Andrew Chaikin, author of A Man on the Moon, the basis for Tom Hanks' 12-part HBO Apollo series. ERC will be selling copies of the book at the event for $35.00. Questions? Contact Michael Eastwood at (818) 354-9273 or CMA.Announce@jpl.nasa.gov * * * * * * * * Hа сегодня все, пока! =SANA=

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